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Adaptation is a constant

Your body, your mind, your attitude is adapting right now.

It's adapting to the stimuli it is receiving.

It is adapting to your thoughts and perceptions of that stimulus.

You may not always be in control of the stimulus, there's not much you can do about your boss, your co workers, the time you're required to put in at your workstation, the weather, the volume of daylight etc

But you do have control of the time outside of your various commitments

You do have control over your thoughts and perceptions within and without those outside factors.

This control will determine how you adapt.

Do you adapt to long periods sitting, or do you allow those long periods sitting act as recovery time to allow the adaptations from your training bed in?

Do you adapt to feeling miserable, depressed because the days are short and weather inclement?

Or do you take time to enjoy the feeling of being wrapped up safe against the weather, the appreciation for the seasonal changes?

Do you adapt to looking for problems?

Or do you adapt to looking for solutions?

Adaptation is going to happen wether you choose to drive it or not.

What do you choose?


Dave Hedges

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