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A Warning To All Gym Going Ladies

This is a word of warning.

I seriously urge, no,  I insist that all women must stick with light weights. After all, we know that as soon as you touch the heavier stuff, you sprout muscles, loose your curves, start having to shave twice a day and your voice drops an octave.

The perfect size for a barbell is that 5kg one with the foam padding that you use in the bodypump class. If you’re more of a dumbell fan, stay to 5lb or less. And for those of you who’ve discovered the super awesome power of the kettlebell, simply gazing longingly at a 2.5kg Kettle will strip away all that unwanted body fat.

It’s true!

I’m going to show you a video now, I must warn you it shows women lifting heavy weights. None of the equipment is pink, which we know is a health and safety hazard, nor is it rubber coated. They are actually handling raw iron! I mean, just look at what it’s done to their bodies!

Please ladies, unless you want to look like one of the women in this video, stay away from anything heavy.

You’ve been warned.




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