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A Time Saving, Effective Workout

Are you one of those people who always says they've no time to train?

Well, Seb has just put a post up on his Instagram account that might make you rethink that

Have a look and read his caption:

He says:

No time to train? Try the Thruster, grab one or two kettlebells or dumbell. A Few warm up sets followed by a few work sets, finish with 100 swings and you are done on 20 minutes. Give it a try

Any tool you have to hand will work for the thrusters. A barbell, a sandbag, a medicine ball, a small child, a piece of furniture

Just grab it and go.

The set and rep scheme isn't that important, the goal is simply work.

But you can do a Density set, how many reps can you do in 15 minutes? You can do a rep challenge, how quickly can you get to 100 reps? You can do ladder sets, doing 1 rep, then 2 reps, then 3 resp, then 1 rep, then 2 reps, then 3 reps (on a hot day this can be great, lots of work, little sweat)

You could just do lots of sets of 5 or ten reps

As we like to say in Wild Geese, it's Simple, not Easy

And don't forget, we are back open. Book yourself in here:

We'll see you on the training floor



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