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A Thank you to the Team Behind the Mile

Last Saturday we ran our fundraising challenge for the local Mental Health centre I work with.

The challenge itself was just the tip of the iceberg, so I’ll talk about that in a minute.


First of all, lets look under the water and see what the rest of the iceberg looked like.

There were a few people who spent a good deal of time and effort getting this all organised so that we could

1 – Run the event in the first place 2 – Raise the money we set out to do 3 – Get the word out that this was happening 4 – Turned up on the day to work, to shout, to cheer and to show support.

So in no particular order, a huge Wild Geese thankyou goes out to:

  1. Aidan – Filmed our promo videos, sat in his own time editing them together despite seriously tight guidelines from RehabCare head office. Thanks mate, you are a legend.

  2. Will – For meeting up and advising on fundraising strategies, who to talk to and how to approach them.

  3. Sean – Sean is a legend anyway, but he was there ready to do anything anyone asked, anytime without question or hesitation. And that means a lot.

  4. Rob – The “Hawkster” not only did he advise on publicising the event, he’s adding to to i with his own Wim “The Iceman” Hoff challenge, keep your eyes peeled for this.

  5. Shay – For being Shay. You know what I mean mate, and especially on the day for stepping up like you did, you’ve no idea how much I appreciate everything you did on that last la and a half.

  6. Caitriona – who comes in the gym, says nothing, gets on with it and goes. Who knew she was such a media mogul with so many strings to at her disposal to pull?!?!?

  7. Tina – the lady in charge of the HOPS centre who got stuck in, did what we asked and more. And on the day had a team of people ready and mobilised to make the event run smoothly. Good job Tina, thank you and your team.

  8. Martin – from RehabCare communications department, he got us in the papers and is trying to get us on the radio. Fair play mate, thats solid support.

  9. The HOPS Service Users – we did this for you, but you helped us every step of the way. You gave interviews, you joined in on the day counting reps, handing out T-Shirts, carrying the banner and cheering us on. My guys are blown away by you guys, working with you lot is always a pleasure.

  10. Gan Power, the GP Fitness Training crew and Fran Bradley Great to have non Wild Geese folk take part, you’re the first to do so, hopefully not the last. Well done to all of you, it’s a big challenge, you have guts.

The team

The team

  1. Lunch – my little coffee shop where I can often be found sitting in with my laptop answering emails. Lunch provided the catering on the day and as yet have refused to let me pay them. You guys will be my office for a long time to come, thank you.

  2. Off Beat Doughnuts – wow. Talk about the perfect way to replenish blood sugars!!

  3. Aideen, Karen and the rest of the staff at Irishtown Sports and Fitness, you made us feel very welcome as we came in and wrecked your lovely stadium. Thankyou, and I hope we didn’t make too much mess.

  4. Everyone who came down to help out, cheer us on, count reps or just be there.

  5. Special mention to me Mum for making the trip down to see her son do something stupid for charity.

  6. And of course, Billie-Jean, my better half. They say that behind every strong man is a stronger woman. I’d like to change that to BESIDE this strong man is a stronger woman.

  1. There’s one more, but she won’t let me mention her publicly, which is a shame as she really did steer the ship on this one. I asked her to organise events and she did. That includes organising me, getting me to do jobs. And I’m not easy to keep organised! So no names mentioned, if you were there, you’ll know who I mean.

We’re keeping the fundraising page open until Rob completes his Wim Hoff challenge, where he’ll be climbing a mountain in Poland in sub zero temperatures wearing only his shorts. Check this out:

And you lot think I’m crazy!!

So you can still donate up until December 17th, but I’ll have an update on the totals before then. As we stand now, the online donations have brought in €3,900 We’ve raised another €250+ from our Mind Over Metal T-Shirts Between the raffle and coin donations, there’s €500 And cash sponsorship are drifting in, we haven’t looked at those yet.

But all in, not including cash donations, we’ve raised €4,650 With more to add.

A big thank you to everyone involved.

Tomorrow I’ll tell the story of the tip that iceberg, what it’s like to swing a 28kg kettlebell for 3000 reps in 2 hours over the course of a mile.

It looks a bit like this:


Don’t forget that donations link:


Dave Hedges

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