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A Summer of Kettlebell Lifting

2012 is looking like the year of the Irish Kettlebell.

Just look at whats going on:

25th March: Kettlebell Lifting and Conditioning Training for Sports I’ll be at Dolan Fitness, Tullamore to present a workshop looking at the use of Kettlebells and other “non conventional” methods to build an unstoppable athlete. This is particularly relevant to the Combat Athlete but anyone involved in sports will benefit. This is a steal at €20 for around three hours. All I ask is you come armed with an open mind and lots of questions. To book contact Kieran through

15th April: Kettlebell Lifting Levels 3 & 4

Kettlebell Lifting

You’ve been asking so here it is, the Levels 3 & 4 from my kettlebell lifting syllabus. Level 3 covers the Snatch and Jerk in minute detail, Level 4 covers Double Kettlebell Lifting including the Long Cycle event. If you plan on taking part in this years competitions, these workshops represent your opportunity to brush up on technique. If you are simply a kettlebell enthusiast looking to take your training to the next level, then you’ll enjoy these workshops. The key to all my Kettlebell workshops is attention to detail, we don’t cover many techniques but we go deep into each lift that we look at. And you get all the info emailed to you in a PDF reference manual at the end of the day. Workshops cost €35 each or €60 for both. Level 3 runs 10am-12pm, Level 4 runs 12.15pm – 2(ish)pm Bring an enquiring mind!

20th May: AIKLF Cup of Ireland – Open Kettlebell Competition

Mick Kelly and his guys in Wexford are holding both the Biathlon and Long Cycle events under Vasilly Ginko’s AIKLF, one of the first organisations to introduce kettlebell sport to Ireland back in 2007/8. Mick is a great athlete and a gentleman so this’ll be a great event. For details and to register CLICK HERE

2nd – 4th June: Certified Kettlebell Teacher Levels 1 & 2 with Steve Cotter

If you’re into Kettlebells or even if you just follow this website, you’ll be well aware of who Steve Cotter is. He’s one of the men who created the original RKC course, he’s become one of the worlds most in demand kettlebell coaches, he’s the man who goes to all the world’s real experts to learn so you don’t have to. There is no other certification course like this. Even the last certification course we held here in 2009 won’t be as good as this next one. Why? Because I’ve had Steve here each year since then and each time he has updated information. To train with Steve is to be at the cutting edge, not just in lifting Kettlebells but also in a wider, more holistic methods of fitness training. Here’s a teaser of a few things you will see:


For booking details CLICK HERE for Level 1 and HERE for Level 2

25th August: Irish Kettlebell Sports Championships

The boys from Kilkenny are running their annual event, but this time it promises to be bigger and better than ever before. The lads are without a doubt the top lifters in Ireland, Eddie was recently declared the absolute winner in the UK open. They represent the European Girevoy Sport Association (EGSA) with is fast becoming Europe’s largest Kettlebell Sport organisation. If you register for this event you’ll be lifting alongside some top class lifters from Europe as well as our homegrown athletes. More details will be announced HERE soon The Kilkenny boys also run regular workshops, if you’re around the neighbourhood be sure to drop in.

15 -16 September: Mike Mahler Kettlebell  Seminars Mark Bunce from D8 Fitness is bringing over Mike Mahler for two days of Kettlebell Lifting. I’ve been a follower of Mikes work for the best part of 10 years and I have to say, he is excellent. If you want to build size and strength and the Kettlebell is your weapon of choice, this is the workshop to attend. Mike has a unique standpoint on the use of Kettlebells in training and also on how to balance the bodies’ hormones for a fuller life. CLICK HERE for details.

It’s great to see real instruction of the use of the kettlebell and also the growth of the sport here in Ireland. Anyone who attends any of the above events will receive a level of instruction unrivalled by any of the “commercial” kettlebell courses and certification currently available in Ireland and even the UK. Make sure to click through some of the links above, but above else, get swinging!


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