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A Sneak Leak into the Project I’ve Been Working On

So I’m sitting staring at a blank screen wondering what to blog about.

My brain is a little fried from working on a project for a company I’ve been contracted too.


Oops, might have let the cat out of the bag there….

Well, I may as well continue….

An old mate of mine, Steve Richards, a former Royal Marine and a whole lot of other bad ass stuff has always used me as a “subject matter expert” on the subjects of Self Defence and Fitness training.

And his new company, the Virtual Training Centre, is an online learning portal, in which he’s asked me to provide courses.

So instead of working on this website and writing cool blogs, I’ve been working on the courses for his site.

It’s exciting.

The VTC site isn’t fully live yet, but you can go over and get on his mailing list for when it does (Click HERE to go there)

When it does, you will be able to access a kick-ass Self Defence course from yours truly.

And in the near future I’m planning courses on:

Mobility. Strength Kettlebell technique Workouts Injury management

And more……

I’m also going to talk him into providing me with a discount code for you, my loyal readers, clients and friends.

Now, I’ve courses to finish writing, so I’ll be back on the blog later in the week with an “Ask Dave” post on how proper mobility work can increase your athletic performance by allowing greater force production…

I’ll see you over there.

(Don’t forget to hit the share buttons, if I’m going to get into trouble for leaking information, it might as well be worth it!”


Dave Hedges

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