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A Simple Warm Up/ Mobility Drill for Anyone Who Sits A Lot

I was asked recently if I was doing anything different in my training since my house move and that I now spend a few hours per day driving.

My answer was, not much really.

I’ve a short morning mobility routine that I go through while my coffee brews before I get in the car.

But then when I get to work, I usually have a few minutes before the clients get in. And I suppose this is the difference. Up to now, I’d have just stepped of the bike after a fairly rapid cycle, so I’d be well warmed. Now getting out the car, I’m a little stiff.

So I like to get on the floor and go through what we could term an “intuitive mobility session” that lasts as long as I feel like, or until clients start coming in and I shift me focus to them.

One motion that does come up near daily in these mobility sessions is the Side to Side Bridge.

I feature this frequently in our 100 Rep warm ups, the same warm ups that we are also using for the new project

It’s as simple as:

  1. Press the heels into the floor and bridge up

  2. reach one hand in a big arc up and over, reach for something at 10 or 2 O’Clock

  3. Come back to the start and repeat alternating sides

Like this:

Go for a BIG motion, forget speed.

You’ll get a nice stretch up the front of the body and some good mobilisation of the upper back as that Thoracic Spine extends and rotates.

For extra challenge, reach the spare arm for your heel, either one, as your working hand reaches across.

Try adding some of these to your warms up and let me know how you get on.

Regards Dave Hedges






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