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A Quick One About Real Progress

Progress is slow.

It requires patience and consistency.

You cannot rush it.

Very often it seems that you’re stagnant, going no where.

But if you persist, if you keep trying week in week out, never rushing, never forcing.

This is the road to lifelong training success.

No, you won’t be a world champion like this, no you’ll never be on the podium at the Olympics.

But to most of us, that’s beyond our reach anyhow.

Take stock of what you are training for.

If you push too hard in one area, is it taking away from another area?

Is chasing that big deadlift hurting your BJJ performance?

Is pushing for that extra bit of mobility leaving you too sore for the mountain bike?

Did those extra 5 kettlebell snatches cost you skin that’s messed up tomorrows training?

We’ve all fallen into that trap.

But remember, aim for 1% better.

Thats all, just 1%

And if the bar you lift moves faster or smoother or more controlled, but the reps, sets and weight are all identical to last week.

Well so what, thats progress.

Controlling strength is as important as building it.


Dave Hedges 

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