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A “functional” workout….

This is only a quick post, I’m currently writing a longer about Saturdays superb masterclass with Steve Cotter, I’m aching all over, and my head is reeling from the information he presented.

So this is just a workout for you, taken from the Lunchtime Fitness session this afternoon.

And today’s workout was a seasonal one.

When people talk about functional training they often haven’t a clue what they’re talking about, but today’s workout was put up because with the current weather conditions, it is absolutely functional.

It is as follows, see if you can guess what I mean, before reading the explanation below:

Pull Up x 5 (bodyweight rows are fine if you can’t pull up yet) Press Up x 10 (any variation, as long as they are good ones) Deck Squat x 20

3-5 rounds, or as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in 20 mins.

So where’s the function?

It’s been snowing here in Dublin and the local councils have learned nothing from last winters debacle. The roads and especially the footpaths are covered in snow, which melts a bit during the day, then freezes overnight and becomes ice.

Ice is slippery.

People fall over in these conditions, so it is a good idea to learn to fall safely. One way to do this is with the Deck Squat.

To do a deck squat, first sit back into a regular bodyweight squat, then fall backwards, rolling onto the back of the shoulders throwing the legs overhead. Now throw the legs back over, tuck them in tight as the body rolls forward, punch the hands out in front and return to standing.

It may take a bit of practice and you may need to hold a light weight in front to help pull you onto your feet, but once you get it you will have a drill that:

  1. Conditions the legs

  2. strengthens the core

  3. Loosens tight hamstrings

  4. Relaxes the back

  5. Improves stamina

  6. Teaches you to fall backwards safely

Cool eh?



Next Bootcamp begins January 31st, places are strictly limited, book early!

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