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A Change to Our Regular Schedule

Over the last while I’ve been getting busier and busier with more specialist programs, such as our Kettlebell Sports and Combat Athletes, the rehab or “Cripple Corner” programs and other special requests. This makes running good old fashioned group classes difficult as I have to split my attention unfairly.

Between that and that issues people have making it in at a set time due their work life, I reckon we try out a new format.

Our evenings, starting from August 21st, will take on a similar format to our very popular Lunchtime Fitness where members can come and go at their convenience within the scheduled time.

The times will be: Tuesdays 1700 – 2000 Thursdays 1700 – 1930

The workout will be the same as our 30 minute lunchtime sessions, but with the option of an additional strength portion at the start, mobility portion at the end for those that want to extend the workout to an hour long. Unless of course you are one my specialists, in which case you get on with your prescribed program.

I will of course be on hand to coach, advise and answer questions.

This format allows for much more freedom to personalise training to the individuals, deal with individual questions and ensure everyone gets the best training for them.

This new format starts from next week, here’s the booking link, it’s be very helpful if you book in ahead of time (unfortunately you can’t book in after 5pm on the day, sorry, system won’t let you)

I have no doubt this will allow me to offer an even higher quality of coaching, and an even better return on your efforts.

I’ll see you in the gym


Dave Hedges

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