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A Busy Joint!

This blog has been a bit barren of late.

Which sucks for you if you’re a regular reader.

For me it means my hands on work has been flat out severely limiting my keyboard time.

So I can’t really complain, being busy means business is good!

One thing that has been keeping me very busy of late are peoples shoulders.

I’ve been working with some very competitive mountain bikers of late, all of whom have crashed more times than you’ve had hot dinners. Add this to my more regular crew of BJJ players, Thai boxers and Kettlebell Sports guys, and the shoulder has been a hot topic.

But the thing is, the shoulder isn’t just the shoulder.

Have a look at this gorgeous graphic I found on facebook:

Y ahora… los movimientos del hombro Posted by on Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Stunning isn’t it.

But can you see how the movement of the Humerus, or arm bone is shadowed by the movement of the scapula (shoulder blade?)

What the clip doesn’t show is how the movement of the shoulder blade is affected by the movement of the rib cage and thoracic spine.

Which is affected by the movement of the pelvis.

Which is……..

… get the idea.

And that’s just the bones!

What about the muscles? The tendons? The ligaments? The arteries? The nerves?

It’s a clusterfuck once you really get into it.

Hence why many physio’s and anatomy geeks refer to it as the “shoulder complex” rather than the shoulder joint.

Once we realise these relationships though, it massively enhances our ability to work with these athletes and bring them back from injury and get them back to the top of their game.

And I’ll be sharing a lot of these methods over the course of a 1 day workshop down at my mates gym in Tramore.

If you’re in the Waterford area on March 5th, I’d love to see you at GP Fitness for a 1 day Upper Body Strength & Mobility workshop.

It’ll be a full day where you’ll learn many of the principles and methods I employ to keep my clients performing at the top of their game.

For more details, click here:

I’ll see you there

Dave Hedges

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