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A blatant sales pitch

Today I have a blatant sales pitch for you….

On December 1st and 2nd, I’ve been invited by my mate Ducky Quade to come to his gym in Waterford and teach Upper Body Mobility and Indian Clubs.

This is 2 day public workshop open to anyone who has shoulders.

Previously attendees of these workshops have included:

  1. Normal people (whatever that means….)

  2. Gym enthusiasts

  3. Kettlebell Sports Competitors

  4. Coaches

  5. Physiotherapists

  6. Chiropractors

  7. Martial Artists

  8. Plasterers

  9. Gymnasts

And more.

They have all reported how adding Club Swinging to their repertoire and implementing the principles taught to their regular training routine has helped them perform better, with less pain and greater confidence.

Are you up for that?

Here’s the details:

I’ll see you there

Dave Hedges

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