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A Better Warm Up

Warming up is important.

It can also be confusing.


Even today with the amount of information available on foam rolling, joint mobility and dynamic range of motion you’d think more people would be warming up in a better way.

But we see the same old crap being rolled out everywhere.

A few minutes of cardio followed by static stretching, now go train.

It’s no wonder so many hamstrings get torn in field sports.

So many shoulders get damaged on the mat.

A good warm up does more than just increase the body temperature.

It also stimulates the central nervous system, increases dynamic range of motion and activates any problematic muscles.

On a warm day this may only take a few minutes, winter times may require longer.

So here’s a typical warm up I give my guys to perform. It’s taken from our Lunchtime sessions and demonstrated here in real speed. I cut out some of the initial skipping for brevity.

Take this video and show it to your coach, your team members and anyone else who sticks with the “old way” In my gym I have several coaches training with me, they’ve all nicked this and taken it into their own teams and Dojo’s.

Feel free to do the same.


Dave Hedges

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