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A Beast of an Exercise

Here’s another entry in the No Equipment No Excuses workout arsenal and it’s an animal drill!

Plain old

push ups

are good, but a little 1 dimensional, once you can do a decent number (around 50) with good form, where do you go next? Well I suggest you try this little beut.

The Bear Push Up is a combination movement that involves the entire body.  After a few reps you won’t know whether you’ve had to stop because of the pain in your shoulders, the pain in your quads or the pain in your lungs. You will know that you’ve taken your Hips, Spine and Shoulder through a great range of motion, you’ll know that you’ve opened up the chest and lengthened those tight hamstrings. And you’ll know that all you major joints have been mobilised and lubricated.

There’s not much that this drill doesn’t do.

The limiting factor for many will be upper body strength, this is taxing on the shoulders. If this is the case, you are allowed to put the knees down untill you develop th

e required strength. For other, mobility will be an issue and for you guys, I suggest you back over my Mobility and Yogability posts, or simply work the Bear with a shorter range of motion.

Here’s the video:


I suggest using this either as a warm up before a weights session, a finisher at the end of a workout or as a main part of a bodyweight routine.

I combine the Bear, Pull Ups and  Single Leg Deadlifts into a Bodyweight Only strength workout when I’m in the park with the dog or away travelling.

As always, use your common sense and  take your time to learn the movement before adding it to any workout.

Have fun with this.

Regards Dave

PS – The Level 1 Kettlebell workshop will be going ahead on the 21st of this month. If you haven’t booked your place, get on with it.

Also – Paul Cox is back from the Philippines (where he won gold at the Doe Pares world championships), so we can get working on our MMA Supplementary Training & Injury Prevention workshop. Keep an eye on the side bar for a date announcement, it’s going to be an amazing seminar!

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