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6 Wild Geese Updates

6 updates for the Wild Geese friends and Family:

  1. 1- Wild Geese Hoodies will soon be available, we have a trial order coming in shortly. They are black with White embroidery, great quality. Price will be in the region of €35. <—-Design will be something like the picture.

2- Wild Geese Martial Arts and Fitness will soon be open FULL TIME. At the moment we only open during the day for private & semi private training. But by the end of this year we aim to have morning, lunchtime and “off peak” training available to the public. Of course, you can still book private sessions with any of our instructors.

3- Several fighters from the Wild Geese Kickboxing club will be putting their bodies on the line in a couple of weeks time. Check with Ronan for more details. I’ll post them here as I have them. We expect a strong show of support from all our members.

4- There are still a couple of spots left for the upcoming Certified Kettlebell Trainer weekend with Steve Cotter, drop me a line on or click here for more details.

5- Due to the massive demand, Dave is going to restructure the Kettlebell classes to allow for the recent influx of new lifters. Don’t worry if you’re an existing member, you will still receive the best quality coaching, standards WILL NEVER be allowed to slip. Dave has also been requested to run another bodyweight training workshop, register your interest by emailing, we’ll have dates set for you shortly.

6- Are you on facebook? Silly question, I know. Lets try Who isn’t on facebook? Did you know Wild Geese Martial Arts & Fitness has their own fan page? Click here and spend time with us instead of doing boring work, just don’t blame us if you get fired….At least you’ll be able to train more when we go full time, so it’s not all bad!

That’s about all the news for the moment. If you have anything to add, hit the comments button and give us your tuppence worth.


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