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50% off one of the best muscle building programs available

Quick heads up for you.

There’s a man over in New Jersey called Jason Ferrugia, he runs a gym called the Renegade Barbell Club and has a reputation for getting lads and ladies fiercly strong, lean and in incredible shape. Muscle is this mans religion. I mean strong, functional, athletic muscle, not pretty boy pose down muscle.

His program titled “Muscle Gaining Secrets” is typical of his style, short, intense and brutally effective (the program, not Jason…), I have a few clients that can attest to that, I put them through MGS and they made huge progress, I was taken aback by the changes in these guys physiques.

Now, Jason, in an uncharacteristically festive mood has dropped me an email telling me that his package is on offer for 50% off, till this Saturday. Like I said, I already have it and highly recommend it, so here’s your opportunity to get it and be ready to kick off the new year with a bang!

As a side note, if you don’t like to lift heavy, train hard and get results, don’t buy it, this certainly is NOT sweating to the oldies…..

You’ve been warned.

(The coolest thing about Jason is he actually does talk like Mickey from Rocky….that New Jersey accent cracks me up every time I hear him)

Enough blather, here’s the link:



+353 87 672 6090

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