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5 Ways to be MORE Awesome

1 – Learn at least one new thing every day

learn as if

It can be anything, just so long as when your head hits the pillow there’s something new in there. It could be a new tip on making your Jerk technique more efficient. It could be discovering a shortcut on the way home. It could be a whole new skill indeed. Knitting maybe. It doesn’t matter what it is, what does matter is maintaining that active, curious and childlike mind. Once we stop learning, that’s when we start getting old.

2 – Help someone else aka “Pay it forwards”

Few things in this world are as self satisfying as helping another. Altruism is potentially one of the most selfish acts around. No really, it is. If you could do something that was guaranteed to make you feel awesome and cool, you’d jump on it wouldn’t you? Well seeing another person develop, grow, get a leg up or simply improve their current situation because of something you said or did is about as good as it gets. There’s a great movement picking up momentum that was started by one of my members, Linda Donegan. Linda, along with one or two of her training partners and friends have started the Get1Active movement. As everyone reading this blog is into training and fitness, I think you’ll appreciate what the Get1Active movement is all about. It’s simply a call to action, can you, as an already fit & active person, help a less active or even better, an inactive person get active? We’re not talking dragging them down for a mad workout, we’re talking about helping them break that Arse-Sofa bond and getting moving. For more details and to read some people’s personal stories of how getting active has changed them have a look at the website HERE.

Click the image and help Get1Active

Click the image and help Get1Active

3 – Play

Yup, play. Become a child for a few minutes of every day. And I mean every day. Now before you pipe up and tell me about your exploits on Angry Birds or Halo, I don’t mane that sort of play. I mean move, roll about, jump, wrestle, interact with both your environment and whoever is in it. Personally I have a distinct advantage here a I have a 2 young boys and a young dog who are always up for a play. Not a day goes past where I’m not being:

  1. A scary monster

  2. Batman

  3. A Power Ranger

  4. Batman

  5. A Dog

  6. Batman (Always be Batman!)


Like the saying goes, we don’t stop playing because we get old, we get old because we stop playing.

4 – Sweat

Awesomeness grows from sweat. Find an excuse to break a sweat every single day. Again, my own example is my cycle to and from Wild Geese every day, it’s about 4 miles each way and I could take it slow. But no, I make it a game to pass every other cyclist on the road, in doing so I break a light sweat every day. Some days you’ll actually be at the gym training, other days you’ll be playing, sometimes you may be digging the garden or simply doing housework. Once again  it doesn’t matter, just do it hard enough or for long enough that you break a sweat. Little things add up to big things over time, and not moving enough is leading or species towards self annihilation, move more, sweat more (and shower more…) and just maybe things can be reversed.

5 – Spend time alone with yourself

Right now, you are sat in front of your computer screen, your mobile phone is sitting just off to the side. I bet there are people all round you, maybe there’s music playing. It pretty hard to actually be alone. Even when we are those infernal smart phone jobbies are constantly at us, keeping us “connected”

It is imperative that each day you find time to disconnect from the outside world and re connect with yourself. Get to know yourself again, learn to become comfortable with your own company. Find out just who you really are.


And then be Batman!

be batman

Each one of those 5 points could have been an article in their own right, maybe they will be another day. But there’s enough here to get you started, implement each of the 5 points and enjoy your awesomeness.



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