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5 Points to Get the Best Start in Fitness

Starting out in Fitness can be tough.

Back when I started, I was very very lucky.

First of all, there was no internet, so no bullshit instafamous body coach type people peddling utter lies.

Secondly, there’s wasn’t a gym on every street corner like there is now (I counted over a dozen in a half mile radius on Wild Geese, only one of which was there when we opened!!)

Thirdly, I had good friends that were highly competitive Rowers who took me into their Strength & Conditioning sessions with them, I honestly believe I couldn’t have had a better start.

But since then we invented the internet. Fitness is cool. All hell has broken loose!

So when Mark who runs Mad Fit Magazine (formerly My Mad Methods) asked me to write something about starting out, I had a think about some of the stuff I hear from people who end up at my door (I’m rarely a first choice selection, people often come to me from other gyms/fitness facilities, often after they’ve been injured by said gym) and the stuff they wished they’d been told way back when.

So here you go, 5 Tips from me about starting out on the right foot and never ever having to stop, ever:


Dave Hedges

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