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5 Exercises to Help Prevent Knee Pain

My brain is mush.

Honestly, if I tried to write my own name right now, I’d probably get it wrong.

And that’s the fault of the two guys in this photo with me here:

The one on the left of the image is Gary Ward and on the right is Chris Sritharan.

Gary is the creator of the Anatomy in Motion system. If he is the Lone Ranger, then Chris is his Tonto.

lone ranger pick

Between them they’ve just put myself and a group of physio therapists through the Anatomy in Motion level 3 module.

4 days of detailed instruction, theory and practice on how we can break down the gait cycle to analyse how the human body prefers to move and then use this information to reduce pain, injury and disfunction and improve performance.

And getting people from pain to performance is a passion of mine, something I take very seriously.

Many of my clients have come to me specifically for this reason.

Having now completed the AiM syllabus (still a lot to learn, but I completed it!), my ability to help my clients has skyrocketed.

Over on Mega Mad Fitness, formerly My Mad Methods, I’ve just had an article published on this very topic.

Ok, it’s bit of a misnomer, it’s really about 5 of the exercise i go to most commonly when a client comes to me with knee pain, but if you take each drill and progressively build them up, there’s a damn good chance you’ll not have to worry about your knees every again!

Have read (click the image to open it in a new tab):

if that doesn’t work, try this:

But if you are in pain, you should really give me a shout and get in for an assessment so we can see what’s going in and work out what exactly you need to be doing to get back to full function.


Dave Hedges

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