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4 Reasons Not All Kettlebell Classes Are Created Equally

We had a new member join our Kettlebell Fitness classes recently, on recommendation from a current member.

She’s loving it.

Which is nice.

She’d been attending a different kettlebell class for some time, and had gotten bored with it.

So it took a bit of convincing for her to actually come into us.

After all, if one class is boring, why would this one be any different?

Well, here’s why.

Wild Geese “Rules”

You start conservatively.

The first rule of WG-Fit is good form. I insist that new members put more effort into learning form than on getting a workout. All exercises are regressed or, progressed in accordance to the individual persons ability, and the weight they use is one which they can handle with competence.


Master the weight

One of the points I like most about the Kettlebell is it’s fixed weight. 12kg is 12kg. the next size bell is 14kg. Then 16kg. After that the jumps are in 4kg intervals. Which means if you’re using double Kettlebells for anything, you’re looking at an 8kg jump from using 16’s to using 20’s If you are still wobbly with the 16’s, the 20’s will punish you. This leads to an emphasis on volume rather than weight, and higher volume lifting equates to more practice, which equates to better technique. It also reduces injury risk and allows the slower adapting tissues in the body to keep up with the fast adapting muscle.

half kneeling press

And of course, sticking your tongue out always gives you that extra few resp……

Progression comes in many forms

Fitness training used to be called Progressive Resistance Training Three words. Training – Deliberate practice, the act of improving skills or attributes. Fitness – Physical competance, the ability to perform, strength/mobility/endurance Progressive – changing parameters to ensure an overload or stimulus to adapt.Unless we are use progression, we are not stimulating adaptation. And that progression can be: More weight More speed More reps More sets Less speed Less rest Better technique More advanced technique Or any combination of the above.

With a kettlebell, weight is often the last parameter to change. We usually play with technique and volume before adjusting the weight.

When we say "Advanced Technique" this is the next step again.....

When we say “Advanced Technique” this is the next step again…..

You are not limited by anything other than yourself.

And this is an unbreakable rule. I don’t care who you are, what you’ve done or where you came from. Once you step on my floor you’re a work in progress and you WILL progress. I’ve world and national champions training in beside exercise newbies and those with lifelong health issues. Everyone starts where they start, progresses at the rate in which they progress and take that progression as far as they are willing. If you’re willing to put in the effort, I’ll guide you. But I will not put an artificial cap on your ability because of some preconceived idea of what you may or may not be capable of.

Wendy's face on receiving her first medal in Kettlebell Sport says it all!

Wendy’s face on receiving her first medal in Kettlebell Sport says it all!

And that is why our Kettlebell classes are not your run of the mill kettlebell classes.

So join us, details of all our services can be found here: 


Dave Hedges

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