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31 ways to know you’re a TRULY dedicated trainer…

Two things, no sorry, bad start, 3 things for you in todays post!

1 – New Kettlebell Classes at Wild Geese HQ I’ve been promising this for a while, but I’ve been tied up teaching a Self Defence course across town. The course is just finished, I had a blast with the guys and will miss them. Expect a report in the next newsletter, make sure you get over and subscribe to receive it. However, back to the point. As of Next Saturday (22nd May) I will be open for Kettlebell Beginners 12.30pm- 1.30pm and Kettlebell Inter/Adv 1.30pm – 2.30pm

This will run every Saturday at the usual price.

2 – Kilkenny Kettlebell Club ( have organised a Girevoy Sport competition comprising of a Biathlon (Jerks & Snatch) and Strong man/Woman events. Myself and one or two of my gang will heading down to have a go. The competition will be under the World Kettlebell Club rules and rankings (

3 – There will be a Level III Kettlebell workshop on the 30th of this month at Wild Geese HQ. This covers the competition lifts, the Jerk and the Snatch. This level is not open to beginners, but if you have some Kettlebell experience and wish to explore the classical lifts, this is for you. If you’re considering joining us in Kilkenny, this workshop could set you on your way to stepping up on the stage in 10 weeks time…..

And a bonus….

4 – Just to really over deliver in style this extra point is actually 31 points!! this just arrived in my inbox last night before I shut the laptop down but it had me in stiches as I related to probably a few too many of the statements listed. I’ll hand over to one of my favourite authors in the Fitness industry, Nick “the mad scientist” Nilsson:

From Nick Nilsson

Author and Publisher of BetterU News

Ok, time for a little Friday afternoon funny business again (don’t get used to it, though, I’ll probably run out of material someday :).

So here we go…

1. If, on a job application, under “Previous Employment,” you’ve

   listed weight training and under “Hobbies” you’ve listed your

   actual previous employment.

2. If you’ve ever made yourself so sore that it either takes you

   a full minute to sit on the toilet or you have to fall down onto


3. If you’ve been banned from one or more all-you-can-eat buffet


4. If you’ve ever broken a bone and tried to “train around it.”

5. If you’re buying a home and the first thing you look for is

   where your training equipment will go…not how big the kitchen

   is or if there’s a furnace or running water indoor plumbing or

   anything secondary like that.

6. If you’ve ever mentally calculated the protein content of a

   piece of your own birthday cake.

7. If you’d vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger regardless of of his

   views, policies or even what he’s running for.

8. If everybody you know asks you to help them when they move

   because you can lift heavy things.

9. If Navy Seal training “looks like fun.”

10. If you’ve ever had to scratch your nose in the middle of a

    set and you’ve used the weight to scratch it.

11. If you’ve brought skinless chicken breasts to a rock concert

    instead of beer.

12. If you can remember your One Rep Max for 76 different

    exercises but you can’t remember your family and friends


13. You’ve kept an old vitamin bottle for 12 years because it

    “brings back memories.”

14. If your fridge has more than 6 cartons of eggs in it at any

    given time.

15. If, when you travel, you pack an extra bag just for your


16. If your marriage vows include the words “for better or for

    worse or for low-carb dieting.”

17. If your idea of a good leg workout is one where you work

    them so hard you can’t take two steps without falling down after

    a set and have to grab from machine to machine to get to the water


18. If you use the squat rack more for squats than you do for

    barbell curls.

19. If your spotter is yelling “It’s all you!” and it actually IS.

20. You do bicep curls with your grocery bags as you bring them in.

21. You mix tuna into your cereal to get more protein.

22. If you need to go to therapy if you miss two workouts in a row.

23. If the thought of lifting a car sounds perfectly reasonable to you.

24. If you’ve ever set a 45-pound plate on your lap and used it

    as a TV tray for eating dinner.

25. If you set your alarm to wake up in the middle of the night

    to drink a protein shake.

26. If you don’t even HAVE to set your alarm anymore to wake up

    in the middle of the night to drink a protein shake.

27. If you’ve ever wrapped the calorie counter on a cardio

    machine back around to zero.

28. If you’ve ever had to add extra weight to a machine because

    there’s just not enough weight on it for you.

29. You mix protein powder into your condiments.

30. If you’re regularly the very first, very last, or ONLY

    person in your gym.

31. If you’ve laughed at any single one of the items in this

    article because it describes you perfectly.


P.S. Just fyi, I regularly post stuff like this on my Facebook account (yeah, along with actual TRAINING information, too – really cool stuff actually…it’s where I tend to post my current “mad scientist” insanity) and on my YouTube channel and Twitter (ok, not so much on Twitter – I’m just not that “typey-talkative”, I guess)

So click these links below to check those out!


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