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3 Hot Topics from the Weekend

Been a busy boy this last while so not much action on the blog last week. I’ll try to make up for it this week. The hot topic for me this weekend was three-fold:

  1. I’ve been invited to help out in 2 exciting new projects

  2. Writing for other publications.

  3. Knife Defence skills


Have you heard the rumour going round that obesity is on the up and up? It’s no rumour, and guess what a recent study published in the Lancet says that inactivity is the no. 1 non communicable cause of death. Hows that? Your sofa is killing you!

Actually I know that if you read this blog, you’re not who the study is talking about. But you ARE who the Get1Active needs to get their message out.

So, lifters and fitness enthusiasts of the world, time to pay it forward, time to set an example, time to lead from the front. It’s time for each and every one of you to encourage someone within your sphere of influence to get active. In Ireland the figures show that 50% of Irish folk qualify as inactive. That means 50% ARE active. If each of us helps 1 other person become physically active then we will gradually become a healthier nation. Think pyramid sales but without the catch.

The Get1Active crew have set up a facebook page, it’s only a week old so there’s lots to be done on it, but click on the screenshot below and show your support. Then find someone who you can help.

Click the image and “Like” the page

Martial Arts Fitness Article for My Mad Methods Magazine

I just finished a cool new article for My Mad Methods magazine, this one was a real labour of love, I just couldn’t get it right. The theme of the next issue is Ancient Training methods and I was given the task of writing about the old martial arts strength & conditioning practices, something that is close to my heart. In doing so I learned a lot about myself and the kind of coach I really ought to be. I can’t tell you too much, just make sure you pick up a copy from their site (HERE)

Click to enter M3 Website

Rapid Response

I got to wear my other hat this weekend. Yesterday I wasn’t Fitness Dave the Kettlebell coach, this weekend I was self defence & martial arts coach Dave. Due to time constraints I don’t teach martial arts very much at all these days, but yesterday I was running the Rapid Response workshop. The syllabus was originally set by one of my instructors Pat O’Malley but I’ve “Wild Geesed” it since then and added extra elements to the course. It went down extremely well, so I’ll no doubt be running more in the near future. Look out for it on the side bar, or maybe in a martial arts gym near you….

Here’s a quick clip on the last segment of the day, Pressure testing:

But Dave, you said 2 exciting new projects, Get1Active was one, whats the other?

Ah, well, you’ll just have to wait and see on that one…..



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