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25 Random Friday Thoughts

1: Warming up is not complicated, you just need to………get warm!

2: If you HAVE TO foam roll or stretch the same areas of the body every time you train, maybe you’re training is the problem.

3: Breathing is critical, there are many breathing methods available to us, each with a different effect on the body, use the right method to suit the desired outcome.

4: Breath holding on an inhale builds intra abdominal pressure, and allows for maximal tension/force production

5: Breath holding on an outbreath allows a build of of CO2 and NO, which helps open the capillaries and stimulate the diaphragm leading to more efficient breathing mechanics.

6: Both involve holding the breath. But give very different outcomes.

7: We have three main energy systems in the body, each has it’s role to play. But they all work in synchronicity with each other, if one is sub par, the others have to work harder.

8: Read number 7 again but substitute “three main energy systems” for: 8a: ….approx 640 muscles…. 8b: ….206 bones…. 8c: ….100 billion neurons….

9: Time spent in the gym is meant to support and improve everything else in your life, physically and mentally

10: Everything done in the gym must have purpose

11: If it’s not useful, it’s useless.

12: The spine is designed to move, and move under load. Anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong. There are of course riders to this fact, all of which involve a heavy dose of common sense.

13: Common sense involves critical thinking, critical thinking involves asking questions, asking questions involves having someone to ask, do you have someone to ask?

14: A coach/instructor who doesn’t answer your questions is not a coach/instructor

15: A coach/instructor has more questions than you about fitness and training. If they don’t, they’re not a coach/instructor

16: Pain and discomfort are inevitable parts of training and competition. Get used to that, develop a mindset that accepts that.

17: Pain Science doe NOT mean “it’s all in your head”

18: Unless of course you accept that EVERYTHING is “all in your head”

19: Train the hands and feet. While “core training” may be the sexy term, it’s no good unless the hands and feet can handle that strength

20: A chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link. Do you know yours?

21: General fitness training can be varied

22: Specific training must be focused

23: Individual workouts are meaningless without the context of the previous workout or workouts

24: The people you look up to have the same doubts and fears you do.

25: Have you joined the Wg-Fit training group yet?

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