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2 Events, 2 training opportunities

We’re taking on new clients!

To be honest, we’re always open to enquiries, but at the moment there’s two items on the calendar that are of particular interest.

They are:

The All Ireland Kettlebell Lifting Federation competitions


The European Brazillian Jiu Jitsu Championships.

On December 5th, in Cork, there will be the last event on the AIKLF calendar. They’re running a 5 minute competition, which is ideal for lifters new to the sport and fro experienced lifters to test themselves and build experience on the platform.

Here’s on of our Kettleheads Girevoy Sports Team members, “The Real” Phil, in a full 10 minute event.

This is his Snatch set.

Anyone who may be interested in the Sport of Kettlebell Lifting and fancies a crack at it, give me a shout this week so we can begin preparations.

I’ll not put anyone into competition, even a 5 minute event, without a minimum of 8 weeks preparation. We’re 12 weeks out now, so that leaves you a minimum of three weeks to apply.

Next up:

BJJ European Championships, Lisbon.

Many BJJ players are starting to realise the need for supplementary training to support their BJJ.

Xande Ribiero training with Kettlebells under IKFF founder Steve Cotter

Xande Ribiero training with Kettlebells under IKFF founder Steve Cotter

I’ve had several requests from fighters within Wild Geese for help preparing them for January’s competition.

Training for the Euro’s will kick off at the start of October.

I’m offering a two tier service to help fighters get ready for this:

Tier 1: Person to Person Training. You come to WG-Fit, get an assessment, get a program, train and be awesome. As you train with me, you get full support, program adjustments, injury prevention the works.

Tier 2: Remote Training You’re too far away to get into me, so you get an online assessment, which is never as detailed as an in person assessment, you get a program, you train and be awesome. As this is a remote service, you get email and skype support, you’re welcome to come into me anytime you’re in Dublin, but we’ll make adjustments along the way based on your feedback in the form of written reports, video submission and skype.

If you’re interested in either of these events, get in touch asap.

You’ve got until October 10th to apply.

After that, you’re on your own.

Here’s the form

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I look forwards to hearing from you.


Dave Hedges

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