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15 Random Friday Thoughts

I haven’t done a list post in a while…

So here goes…

This is inspired by a few things that have gone on in the various training sessions I have run or attended over the last month.

1: Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT) is a course I took, or least Level 1 of it. Already it is changing things for my clients. Between that and Anatomy in Motion I believe we will be able to get people out of pain and back to full performance even more efficiently that previous. It is a beautiful diagnostic tool that helps us select the exact exercises your body needs.

2: Technique in your lifts / exercises should be first and foremost in your head. Yes work hard, but never at the expense of good form

3: Learn to control your body weight. This is two separate points….

3a: Learn to control your body’s weight, ie you can chose to get fat or not, you can chose to be muscular or not. It’s your choice.

3b: Controlling the movement of your centre of mass is critical not only to athletic performance, but longevity. Old people lose their balance. Train yourself not to.

4: Move around with your eyes closed, or in the dark, at least some of the time. We are visual creatures, we prioritise vision. But going without it (where safe) from time to time does our brains and bodies the world of good.

5: Heavy builds strength. Power requires speed, so use less weight if this is your requirement.

6: Keto may be the hot new diet, but it’s been around for decades. There are reputable resources on Keto. Dr OZ, Mercola and Facebook are not them.

7: A muscle should not be sore to touch

8: A muscle should not be hard while at rest

9: Excessive tension may not cause pain etc, but it certainly does not add to performance

10: Bottoms up Kettlebell lifts, Indian Clubs and Movement breaks are like medicine for the shoulder joint.

11: Understanding isn’t necessary for taking action, but should be sought along the way

12: Cardio seems to have been rebranded “cardiac output training” and is now cool again to train. Thankfully, WG-Fit has never been concerned with cool. So I’ll still call it Cardio.

13: History has laid the groundwork for everything we think we know. Look back at what people were doing before you, look back at you were doing. This information is as valuable as the cutting edge studies, sometimes more so.

14: You will probably never be the fastest, strongest most basass person, but you can certainly be faster stronger and more badass than you were yesterday or last week.

15: Ask questions and take responsibility.

That’s a vary random list, but it feels better to get them out of my head. If you have questions on any of these points, ask away, I love getting good questions.

Chat later

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