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15 minute challenge

I’ve been getting a lot of cautious interest about the Lunchtime Fitness training sessions that I’m running at Wild Geese.

After all, what can you possibly do to get fit in 30 minutes? I mean seriously, thats what Curves claims up the road and nobody ever gets results there!

So when one of our fighters turns up the other day and says “I’ve got 15 minutes, what have you got for me?” I set him to work and grabbed my camera.

The following is one round of the circuit I set him, the second I think. He manged to get half way through his 5th round before the buzzer went off and he hit the showers and returned to the office.

Watch the vid, thry the circuit and respond with your total, remember it’s the max number of rounds in 15 minutes:


The circuit is as follows: Clean & Press x 5 Bodyweight Rows x 10 Swing x 10 L/R Squat x 20

Ensure the weight you use is heavy. It’s not about quantity of work, it’s about quality.



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