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12 Days of Fitness Starts on Monday!

I’ve not done a great job of promoting this, but each year I send out a 12 part series of bodyweight workouts, that 1 a day for the 12 days running up to Christmas. I started this because I usually head away for a few weeks and felt guilty leaving my guys to fend for themselves. As most wanted to continue training but had no kit at home to use, I started giving them bodyweight only training programmes.

Each workout is different, covering a variety of styles, each has a description, a video and suggestions to adjust the workout to your level or even add equipment. There are even suggestions of Stretching, relaxation and recovery.

You don’t have to do the series, you can take two or three of the workouts and simply use them, or you can completely ignore them. But if you want to see them click on the image below where you’ll be taken to a sign up form and then open your inbox on Monday morning for day 1!

Earn your Xmas pudding! Click to get your Bodyweight Training workouts

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