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1 Thing to Never Take For Granted

There are certain things that we take for granted that we really shouldn't

Netflix for example.....

On a more serious note, consider this:

We can survive up to 30 days without food. We can survive up to 3 days without water We can survive maybe 3 minutes without air.

Yet, the majority can't seem to go more than an hour without stuffing something into their pie hole, they turn their nose up at drinking good old fashioned plain water, and if you asked them about their breathing, they'd be absolutely clueless.

Read that carefully

Does that hold any truth for you?

Well, luckily, it means that one of the absolute simplest opportunities to improve your health and your performance is sitting in front of your face.

It's your nose.

This video explains more:

Now when I posted that, a few of the guys got in touch about the difficulty they faced in doing this drill.

They felt a panic, which is normal, completely normal!

This panic is simply your carbon dioxide intolerance showing itself. Just like the first time you got in a swimming pool and felt you were going to drown, or first time you rode a bike and were terrified of falling of.

We just need to practice, take the same approach we take to all training, that of Progressive Resistance Training. Start at a level you can manage with minimal fuss, then gradually progress forwards from there.

This video talks both about that and about how your posture MAY be a factor in your struggle:

So how does this boost performance?

Simply put, your cardiovascular system has one job. It's job is to move gases around. Mostly Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide.

The more efficient you become at using these gases, the less pressure the cardiovascular system is under. The less pressure on the cardiovascular system, the less stress in the body, meaning potentially a lower heart rate, better diaphragm action, higher HRV score, a shift towards the parasympathetic side of the nervous system. Which means, faster recovery, better sleep, more endurance. And potentially, better functioning mucus membranes meaning less stuffy noses, less histamine build up, and better defence against airborne pathogens. So lets stop taking breathing for granted. Start with breathing, worry about your biceps and your six pack once your breathing is in line.

Till next time

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