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1 Mile Walking Kettlebell Swings – Feb 26th

Wild Geese and RehabCare have been working together for several months now, their clients have been coming to us for Self Defence courses and fitness training. Their budget was cutback this year, so we’ve volunteered to aid in their fundraising efforts.

Please watch this video, then dig deep into your pockets and help us help those who need it:


The challenge we are undertaking, while physical, will be extremely mentally taxing. For us it’s a few hours of struggling to keep going, take one more step and get to the end of the course, for the people we are trying to help, an hour of struggling would be a luxury, they face these challenges every day of their lives. RehabCare goes to great lengths to help these people, to aid them and help them live normal lives and rejoin normal society. Since their budget was cut back their options have been severly restricted. We are going to do out utmost to raise as much cash as possible, please come down to Sandymount Strand at 12noon, Saturday 26th February 2011 and either join in with the challenge or simple shout and cheer form the side lines. Either way, make sure you’ve collected some sponsorship or brought a donation.

This next clip shows some the Walking Kettlebell Swing in a few of it’s many variations.



PS: Next Boot Camp starts Monday 31st Jan, get in touch ASAP to guarantee your place

The new Kettle AM sessions will kick off on Tues 1st Feb, start the day with your RDA of Iron supplementation!

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